Representing your international purchasing needs

Buying products from China, Taiwan, India, Vietnam, Thailand, and other foreign markets can be a challenging and time consuming effort. EDS International not only acts as a buying agent but, more importantly, as your scalable International Purchasing Office.

We support all your sourcing and quality control requirements as well as your company's growth plans by offering tailored solutions to meet your needs.

Traditional Self-operated International Purchasing Office

  • Limited access to Asian Vendors
  • Inflexible and complex organization structure
  • Fixed costs increase
  • Cultural and language barriers
  • Third-party inspection service costs
  • Investment Risk

EDS International Purchasing Office


  • Wide access to Asian Vendors and beyond
  • Flexible and simple working model with global coverage
  • No fixed costs - service costs scalable with purchasing volume
  • Local culture and language understanding
  • Quality assurance (vendor audits & inspections)
  • Engineering strength and support

Our team manages the entire purchasing process by taking a pro-active role to guarantee quality and delivery on your terms. Below are some examples of the activities we can undertake for you:

  • Manage day to day supplier communication
  • Handle all purchase orders and invoices
  • Perform Quality Assurance (inspections and audits)

So, whether you have already identified your supplier or have just begun your search, we also help you finding the supplier that best suits your needs ensuring our purchasing process meet your end to end requirements.

Why International Purchasing Office Services?

  • Cost effective: International Purchasing Office is a cost-effective supply chain solution regardless of purchase quantity.
  • We represent you: EDS International represents only you, not the factory.
  • In-house engineering: EDS International has diverse in-house engineering talent at your disposal to implement technical solutions.
  • Scalable costs: The service is completely scalable as your demand fluctuates.
  • Quality control: Inspections, audits and other QC services available
  • Global coverage: With 35 years of experience, EDS’s footprint already covers China, Taiwan, Vietnam, Thailand, India and many other markets
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