Sourcing your ideal supplier

Sourcing from China, Taiwan, Vietnam, India or other countries can take a lot of time and resources, but EDS International makes it easier. We have decades of sourcing experience in many countries around the world and people in the field, working on site to help you to find a supplier that best suits your needs while reducing costs and production and quality control risks.

Our experience includes sourcing and ensuring quality control from global manufacturers. We can assess your potential or new suppliers on-site and provide detailed reports on their general operations, quality systems, qualifications and capabilities. We can even locate and manage the supplier base for you.

In addition, we assess supplier’s performance and proactively solve issues in a timely and cost-effective manner. Our EDS team will document existing issues and requirements, audit the supplier’s facility, analyze the supplier’s operating conditions, create a corrective actions report and even guide the supplier through to successful completion of these actions where required.

Due to our global coverage, we can conduct multi-country vendor search projects and support your China-Plus-One strategies by finding other competitive markets that may better suit your requirements. In that way, we can help you to produce your parts/products at a competitive rate and with quality assurance. We will tirelessly search to find the right supplier for you, ensure the best possible sourcing relationships and guarantee stability in your supply chain.

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