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Global Procurement Services

Representing your global purchasing needs

Supplier Identification

Identify your ideal supplier

Tooling & Engineering

Customized tooling, molding, casting and stamping

Product Development

Bringing your new products to life

Product Optimization

Optimizing your existing products

These are the benefits that EDS International can bring to you:

Activities Undertaken by EDSBenefit to Client
Pre-shipment inspectionQuality assurance
Factory auditVendor development and diversity
Purchase order managementLower admin costs / reduced complexity
Production /shipment follow-upOn-time delivery
Inspection bookingLower admin costs
Sample inspectionQuality, project completion
Shipment / logistics arrangementLower admin costs
Consolidated vendor paymentLower admin and finance costs, lower exchange rate risks, reduced complexity
Negotiation for rework and claimsFaster remediation, better outcomes
Corrective action reportQuality assurance
Price NegotiationLower product costs
Local support for factory visitsLower admin costs, more efficient use of travel time, no language barrier
Guaranteed 24 hours responseFaster remediation and confirmation for a range of issues
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