From Concept to Finished Product

Whether you are developing a new product as an entrepreneur or global corporation, it is imperative to consider the challenges of taking an idea from the concept stage through initial prototyping and then finally into mass production. Given the inevitable obstacles and setbacks, it is important to call on specialized support and process management expertise.

EDS International acts as an extension of your office in South East Asia and North America providing critical advice and doing the “heavy lifting” for you. With years of experience and know-how, we help you manage all stages of the product development lifecycle.

We manage all or any of the following product development stages:

We elaborated on each of the six critical product development lifecycle stages below to highlight the main characteristics of each step and how EDS can play a critical role. Of course, there are other sub-stages and activities to consider and we look forward to discussing these in more detail.

1. Concept Definition

A product cannot in a vacuum. Thus, it is crucial to start the process by identifying gaps in the target market. As soon as the opportunity has been recognized—a solution that addresses the problem can be established. EDS can support by defining and specifying your concept to help with supplier search while identifying clear quality parameters that will be key to bringing the product to life. Our services include engineering drawing development, BOM drafting, spec sheet outlining and many others.

2. Supplier Selection

As soon as the concept or idea has been identified, EDS can support with materials sourcing and initiating the supplier identification process. In other words, we want to find the right supplier to develop your new product. Using emerging markets analysis, localized raw material data and specific country expertise, we will provide full transparency in collaboratively choosing the right sourcing country for your needs. Whether it is China, India, Thailand, Taiwan, Vietnam or Mexico, we will leave no stone unturned until finding your ideal vendor.

3. Prototype Development

Prototypes are essential components of the product development stage. Producing a prototype of the product lets companies test the product in real conditions and discuss potential flaws based on the look, feel and utility. It is often used to experiment with different materials and processes or to regulate the design, specifications and functionality.

Our team of engineers supports with prototype builds by:

  • Identifying possible challenges
  • Providing rapid prototyping solutions
  • Working hand in hand with suppliers on the prototype build
  • Reporting on expected mass production challenges and
  • Providing feedback based on guided testing and functional application.

It is our responsibility is to provide suggestions that improve the manufacturability, quality, cost optimization and functionality of your product.

4. Verification and Approval

Verification is the stage that involves ensuring that a product meets your set requirements. EDS makes sure that the product was put through tests intended to answer the question: “does it do what it was created to do?”

Depending on the product type and complexity, we will choose the right tests to ensure that the design and production meet your expectations. The data collated and reported during testing will allow an informed decision to be made about whether the product can proceed to the pilot run, e.g. functional, material, life, and safety testing.

5. Pilot Run

The pilot run is a trial production run. After samples and prototypes are approved, the approved manufacturer will conduct the pilot run. The goal of the pilot run is to ramp up production and determine whether there are product and production issues. These could include product assembling, testing, functionality, the layout of the production line etc.

The EDS engineering team oversees the transition of the product from sample to the pilot phase. With our understanding of the product as well as the production method, we ensure that there is a smooth transition into a gradual ramp-up into higher volumes.

Our team is experienced in supervising this critical phase of the product development life cycle. We provide hands-on advice about the challenges of ramping up production and ensuring that the best processes and practices are deployed. The result is a quality product which can be delivered in adequate time in this initial phase of mass production.

6. Mass Production

After working out all the challenges found during the pilot run, it is time to begin mass production. At this point, standardized processes are used to build interchangeable parts in large quantities. EDS engineers continuously supervise the manufacturing process. They will provide regular insights and data which will allow informed production-related decisions.

Our team assesses the manufacturing process and provides continuous improvement suggestions to maintain or improve product quality and cost optimization. EDS also supports in the diagnosis of in-process challenges and product complaints. Furthermore, we identify the root cause of production challenges and provide solution options for current or potential defects.

No matter what type of new concept or idea you have, if it requires large-scale outsourced production, the steps outlined above must be followed to ensure a successful final product.

EDS International provides a wide range of engineering, design and product development services for your new product launches or existing product revision and improvement.


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