Customized tooling and engineering skills

EDS International uses both traditional and innovative techniques for designing molds that meet your specific requirements and solve technical problems. We offer tooling design, tool builds and production services for applications in a wide range of industries including agriculture, automotive, communications, construction, electronics, furniture, medical, and military. Available die types include stamping dies, die cast dies, plastic injection molding dies and other types of tooling as well. Many secondary operation dies are also available through our extensive China and Asian factory database.

Complementing our tooling design service are our production stamping, plastic injection molding and die casting capabilities. We can provide custom components for numerous applications. We employ a variety of methods and dies types for plastic injection molding as well as die casting and steel stamping. We meet surface critical requirements and we focus on quality and on time delivery. We utilize the latest methods of inspection and testing to meet high accuracy levels. Our processes are ISO 9001:2008 certified and UL registered, conforming to stringent industry standards such as CE, TS, and TUV.

Our engineers can also help to finish part design or simply help to optimize for a specific manufacturing process. We also help to minimize part cost when there are part design changes by making suggestions on features or tolerances that can reduce costs. We typically ask, “do you really need that tolerance?” or “If you can work with x tolerance, we can save you money.” That kind of application understanding and forward thinking can help to reduce part cost and help you keep your competitive edge.

In a nutshell, EDS International can help you with China or Asian sourcing, China or Asian tooling and production of die cast, plastic molding and stamping parts. We have engineers around the world, in China, in the US and elsewhere to help you finalize your design or project manage your most important parts. No samples or production parts are allowed to ship until an inspection report, generated by a third party, is approved by our local team and you!

Let us help you remain competitive or even gain a competitive advantage. An injection mold China factory is closer than ever! Die casting China is nearer today than it has ever been. And steel stamping China is around the corner. China tooling, China plastic injection molding, China die casting and China steel stamping are all at your fingertips and only a phone call or email away! With local engineering support right here in the Midwest and a warehouse for you to utilize, it is easier than ever to do business overseas.

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