Transforming Sourcing Strategies: EDS International Delivers 30% Cost Reduction and Streamlines Operations for a Consumer Goods Giant


In a rapidly evolving global market, staying ahead in the consumer goods industry requires more than just quality products; it demands a strategic and reliable international purchasing partner. EDS International rose to the occasion when a leading consumer goods client approached us with challenges that were hindering their growth and profitability.


Client Challenge:

Our client, a major player in the consumer goods industry, had outgrown their previous service provider, facing insurmountable challenges in Asia. Production quality issues, shipment delays, and rising costs were jeopardizing their market position. EDS International was tasked with not just meeting these challenges but exceeding expectations.


Our Approach:

From the outset, EDS International implemented a comprehensive approach. We meticulously crafted and executed project work plans, overseeing day-to-day operational aspects with vendors. Our intervention extended to quality control services through pre-shipment inspections and conducting Social Responsibility audits for critical vendors. The goal was clear – address the production quality issues and reduce production lead time.


Key Achievements:

  1. Quality Improvement: EDS International successfully rectified production quality issues, ensuring our client’s products met and exceeded industry standards.
  2. Operational Efficiency: Through streamlined processes, we significantly reduced production lead time, eliminating delays, and enhancing overall efficiency.
  3. Global Sourcing Expansion: EDS International facilitated our client’s exploration of new sourcing opportunities in China, India, and Thailand, ensuring a diversified and resilient supply chain.
  4. Cost Reduction: Our strategic approach to quoting and pricing negotiations resulted in a remarkable 30% reduction in costs for both existing and new products.


Ongoing Success:

Currently, EDS International is actively managing a purchasing volume of USD 25 million for our client, demonstrating the scalability and reliability of our services. We continue to be an integral part of their success story, providing unparalleled support in navigating the complexities of the international consumer goods market.



EDS International stands as a testament to transforming challenges into opportunities. Our client not only overcame obstacles but also achieved substantial growth, thanks to our strategic and results-driven approach. In an ever-evolving industry, EDS International remains committed to delivering excellence and propelling our partners towards unparalleled success.


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