Powering Perfection – EDS International Achieves 99.97% Reduction in Rejection Rates, Supplying 60,000 Hand Dryer Motors Annually


In the competitive landscape of the small appliance industry, every component matters. EDS International proudly presents a transformative case study, showcasing our expertise in redefining the standards for hand dryer motors. The journey from addressing rejection rates to delivering 60,000 motors annually exemplifies our commitment to quality, reliability, and cost-effectiveness.


Client Challenge:

A key player in the small appliance industry approached EDS International seeking a new source for 120 & 230 V motors. With a rejection rate of around 4% from their existing vendor, they sought not just a replacement but a higher quality product from a reliable source that aligned with their budget constraints. EDS International stepped in not just as a supplier but as a strategic partner.


Our Approach:

Leveraging our advanced technical competency in electrical motor design, EDS International engineered a comprehensive solution. From concept engineering to product delivery, we managed every aspect of the project. The goal was clear – provide a motor that not only met but exceeded national and international safety standards, including RoHS requirements.


Key Achievements:

  1. Multifaceted Manufacturing: The hand dryer motor featured components produced through various methods, including screw machining, progressive die stamping, die casting, winding, and more.
  2. Material Expertise: Working with materials like steel, copper, zinc, plastic, and rubber, we ensured each component’s integrity and durability.
  3. Production Flow Management: An organized approach to managing the production flow of diverse components was crucial for steady and efficient assembly.


Ongoing Success:

The motors, meticulously crafted to meet dimensional tolerances of ±0.127 mm, underwent rigorous electrical and dielectric testing. The result? A rejection rate plummeting to a remarkable 0.03%. Fully satisfying the client, EDS International now supplies these motors at an impressive rate of 60,000 units annually, showcasing our ability to meet high production demands without compromising on quality.



EDS International’s success story in driving rejection rates down to .03% is not just a numerical achievement; it’s a testament to our unwavering commitment to excellence. In an industry where precision is paramount, EDS International stands tall, setting new standards for hand dryer motor components and proving that precision unleashed is a game-changer.


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