Seamless Connectivity: EDS International Achieves 4,000 Units Annually with Near-Zero Rejection in USB Hub Circuit Production


In the fast-paced world of electronics, where connectivity is paramount, EDS International emerged as a game-changer. Our latest triumph involves managing the production of a USB hub circuit designed for use in an Apple docking station. From design assistance to rigorous quality assurance, EDS International navigated every intricacy to deliver a product that not only met but surpassed industry standards.


Client Challenge:

A leading client in the electronics industry sought a partner capable of overseeing the production of a USB hub circuit destined for an Apple docking station. The challenge was not just in meeting technical specifications but also adhering to stringent government safety codes. EDS International stepped up to the challenge, offering a comprehensive solution encompassing design, engineering, manufacturing, and quality assurance.


Our Approach:

The journey began in the design phase, where EDS International’s engineers applied industry best practices to ensure compliance with strict safety codes. Materials of construction were specified in line with UL, CUL, and RoHS standards. Choosing a vendor with top-tier technical capabilities and an outstanding reliability rating was pivotal in ensuring a flawless production process.


Key Achievements:

  1. Safety Compliance: EDS International’s engineers ensured the USB hub circuit met and exceeded government safety codes, providing peace of mind to our client and end-users.
  2. Quality Assurance: Rigorous quality assurance processes were implemented, verifying functionality and connection speed for all circuits, resulting in near-zero rejection rates in the hands of our client.
  3. Environmental Protection: Secondary operations, including conformal coating application, safeguarded the assembly, ensuring long-term integrity in diverse environmental conditions.


Ongoing Success:

The USB hub circuit, boasting dimensions of 6.4″ in length x 5.15″ in width x 0.62″ in height, features epoxy laminate pre-preg 4 layer board construction. Primary operations, encompassing surface mount and thru-hole assembly, drilling, etching, masking, and silk screening, were executed with precision. EDS International now supplies 4,000 units annually, a testament to our ability to manage critical factors in design and manufacturing.



In the competitive landscape of electronics, EDS International stands tall as a beacon of reliability and innovation. Our USB hub circuit success story is not just about meeting standards; it’s about exceeding expectations. With a near-zero rejection rate and an annual supply commitment of 4,000 units, EDS International continues to redefine excellence in connectivity solutions for the electronics industry.


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