Precision Perfected – EDS International Delivers 35,000 Impeccable Brass Fittings Annually for Industrial Water Heaters


In the demanding realm of industrial water heaters, every component plays a pivotal role. EDS International proudly presents a groundbreaking case study, showcasing our expertise in sourcing and delivering brass fittings with compound threads that not only meet but exceed client expectations. The journey from concept to completion underscores our commitment to precision, innovation, and seamless collaboration.


Client Challenge:

A prominent player in the industrial water heater industry sought a reliable source for brass fittings with compound threads. The challenge extended beyond mere production – it was about accuracy, repeatability, and cost-effectiveness. EDS International was approached not just as a supplier but as a strategic partner capable of delivering a solution that fit seamlessly within the client’s budgetary constraints.


Our Approach:

EDS International’s approach was multifaceted. Leveraging our engineering prowess, our professional sourcing team identified a manufacturing facility renowned for ingenuity. We collaborated closely with the factory’s engineers and technicians, securing sample products that exemplified the unique design’s form, fit, and functionality. The client’s immediate approval paved the way for volume production.


Key Achievements:

  1. Innovative Manufacturing: Primary operations involved forging the brass coupling, enhancing the component’s strength and resilience.
  2. Precision Machining: Advanced screw machining equipment, coupled with intelligent cutting tool selection and precise computer control over thread pitch, angle, and geometry, enabled close tolerance machining of compound threads.
  3. Engineering Expertise: In-depth knowledge of specialized threading tooling and techniques contributed significantly to the product’s quality and performance.


Ongoing Success:

The meticulously crafted brass fitting, measuring 1.75″ in diameter x 1.975″ in length, fully satisfied customer specifications. EDS International now proudly supplies these fittings to the client in production quantities of 35,000 units annually, demonstrating our ability to meet demanding production schedules while maintaining unwavering quality.



EDS International’s success story in delivering 35,000 impeccable brass fittings annually is not just a testament to precision machining but a showcase of our commitment to exceeding client expectations. In an industry where reliability and accuracy are non-negotiable, EDS International stands as the epitome of threaded excellence, driving innovation and setting new standards for industrial water heater components.


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