Our core expertise lies in delivering cost reductions to our clients while upholding the highest quality standards. While we specialize in custom-made mechanical, electro-mechanical, and electrical parts, our capabilities extend to cover a wide range of products and procurement services. Our experience includes successful execution of full turn-key sourcing projects, ensuring that our clients receive end-to-end solutions tailored to their unique requirements. Click on any of the pictures below to learn more about our experience and capabilities in custom-made mechanical, electro-mechanical, and electrical parts.

Turnkey Projects

Our turnkey approach is a comprehensive solution where EDS International takes full responsibility for every stage of a project, from conceptualization to completion, bringing a fully assembled product to the end-consumer.

Click on any of the case studies to learn more about our experience and capabilities in different projects and industries.

Case Study:

Precision Perfected: EDS International Delivers 8,000 Military-Grade Fuel Pump Assemblies with ±0.002" Accuracy.

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Case Study:

Transforming Sourcing Strategies: EDS International Delivers 30% Cost Reduction and Streamlines Operations for a Consumer Goods Giant

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Case Study:

Seamless Connectivity: EDS International Achieves 4,000 Units Annually with Near-Zero Rejection in USB Hub Circuit Production

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Case Study:

Precision Perfected: EDS Delivers 35,000 Impeccable Brass Fittings Annually for Industrial Water Heaters

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Case Study:

Powering Perfection: EDS International Achieves 99.97% Reduction in Rejection Rates Delivering 60,000 Hand Drye Motors Annually

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Case Study:

Elevating Excellence: EDS Achieves 0% Quality Issues, Supplying Superior Linear Actuators for Lifting Systems

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Frequently Asked Questions

Below are answers to the most frequently asked questions. Please feel free to contact us

We can source any type of product from commodity items to customized parts and components. However, our main areas of expertise are industrial parts and components. Check our products and projects section to see some examples.

Do you represent any factory or manufacturer?

We are a supplier-independent global sourcing company, and we never take commission from manufacturers. Our mission is to find your ideal supplier and ensure they deliver according to your specs and requirements. We act as your overseas purchasing office and quality department on every deal.

Is China the only country you source from?

We have cultivated a strong on-the-ground presence, fostering local language proficiency and cultural insight in key regions including Taiwan, India, Thailand, Vietnam, Mexico, Colombia, and the United States. As our network continuously grows, if your desired alternative to China is not listed above, we are committed to transparently discussing our capabilities and limitations to work collaboratively with you.

I am a startup company and need to develop a new product. How can you help me?

We can support you from the initial concept stage through to prototyping and eventually oversee mass production. We have a qualified team of R&D, product development engineers, and product optimization engineers who can help you to bring your new ideas to life.

Do you have a catalog of the products you source?

We are not a trading company and do not specialize in the sale of specific consumer products or commodities. Our core expertise lies in supply chain and procurement outsourcing, with a dedicated focus on sourcing and developing products tailored to the unique specifications of each client within emerging markets. Learn more about our services here

What kind of businesses do you work with?

We collaborate with a diverse range of businesses, spanning from small enterprises to multinational corporations, seeking to acquire goods and services from emerging markets either for export purposes or to support their local operations.

How is confidential information protected?

In the initiation of any partnership, the initial protocol involves the execution of a legally binding non-disclosure agreement. Through this agreement, both parties commit to refraining from the sale or disclosure of confidential information pertaining to our client's products.

We access the companies we work with, and ensure that all signed a non-disclosure agreement.

How much is your procurement service fee?

We provide a scalable service fee based on each client's purchasing volume which can either be calculated as a percentage of order value or as a fixed product price.

How can I get started?

Contact us to discuss your requirements.

Please ensure to provide as much information about your product including but not limited to specifications, drawings, monthly or annual volume and packaging details. The more detailed information you provide, the faster we can move forward with your required services and help you reduce your costs.

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